Monday, June 1, 2015

Summer Excursions: Let's go to the Getty!

Welcome to June, everyone!

Ahh, summer. Season changes are always exciting, but summer is something many of us innately look forward to, if not for simply fondly remembering lazy and fun summer days from our childhoods.

You may now be tempted to get out of the house and do something. You may think about seeing a movie - we've already had a few strong blockbusters debut.

Oh, you saw them already? You're now just patiently waiting for Jurassic World. Once you learned that Chris Pratt plays a raptor wrangler, you were sold.

Well, maybe we should try something a little different. How about a museum?

Head of Athena, by an unknown Greek artist, 160–150 B.C.

Okay, okay, I can feel some of your skepticism. Let's step back to childhood for a moment once more. You probably visited at least one museum with your school, and you more than likely had to go through the exhibit with your class and be told exactly where to go and what to focus on and possibly do an assignment while there. You were not given the freedom to experience the museum the way you would have chosen. Maybe the museum was focused on a topic you weren't really interested in.

You should take a look again, as you are, right now (and, as a fellow L.A. princess, it is key that you culture yourself with so much quality available nearby!). And I would recommend visiting a Getty museum. I say "a" because there are two, one called the Getty Center and the other the Getty Villa. The Getty museums have a little something for everyone, and it can make for a magnificent date or excursion with friends and family.

The Getty Center is modern and elegant in design, with European and American art for your viewing pleasure.

The Getty Villa is focused on ancient Greek and Roman artwork and design.

Both have beautiful gardens and breathtaking views - you can see the ocean from both locations!

Of course, you're on a budget. You need to save a little for your planned dinosaur blockbuster. Well, here's one of the best parts about the Getty museums - they're free!

You will need to plan to pay for parking, however ($15, $10 after 5 p.m.). There are a few spots where you could park outside of the Getty parking structures, but it's challenging to find a space, and you could be in for a long walk. And you know how hot it can get in L.A. during the summer, even with the beach close by. Paying for parking will be worth it in the long run, and you can split that with the people you end up carpooling with - but don't forget, there is always Uber.

At the end of the day, it's worth the trip, and it will be an affordable trip. L.A. has so much to offer in terms of entertainment, and you don't have to break the bank to enjoy it!

So, how do you like the Getty museums? (I love the Villa!) Would you like me to make a summer excursions series? Is there a place in L.A. (or nearby) that you would like to visit but would like to see tips on how to save? Tell me in the comments!

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